Oprah Said What?

It is certainly not very often that I see accurate and positive media coverage regarding food choice. So, I am happy to say that Oprah took a large step in the right direction Tuesday by relating to millions of viewers some of the health benefits she and her staff experienced while on a vegan diet for one week during her “vegan challenge.” She and her staff members collectively lost 444 pounds, with one of her editors saying he felt better than he had in 10 years. Aside from a healthy weight loss, it is well-known now that vegan diets provide substantial nutritional advantages and reduce risk factors for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and overall mortality (see previous blog). Recently the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued their 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which included two full pages devoted to the health benefits of vegetarian and vegan nutrition. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is promoting a “21 Day Vegan Kick Start” program that begins April 4. Read more about this at  21-Day Vegan Kickstart . This is clearly a good sign and her efforts are to be applauded, especially given the many years this topic has been suppressed in the media and on her show. More can be found about our culture and the difficulty we have with providing the correct information to the public about food choices in “Comfortably Unaware”, Tread Lightly.

3 responses to “Oprah Said What?

  1. I saw this episode and it was extremely encouraging to see a whole show dedicated to discussing the benefits veganism while showing such amazing and immediate results that happened in just ONE week! This way of life is simply the most peaceful and healthy way to live and is becoming more and more evident that it is also the only way to live for the successful future of our planet.

  2. Great that Oprah did this. Although I do not watch her show I know many, many people who do and who take her advice very seriously. I was also encouraged to see the YouTube video of Bill Clinton talking about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Maybe the mainstream media is finally starting to come around…

    • Many thanks for the comment and following the blog. Actually, I do not watch Oprah either but realized the need to applaud her most recent effort, especially given her history of ‘treading lightly’, as pointed out in my new book. You are right, regarding food choice, the movement toward enlightenment is just beginning and a healthier, more peaceful planet will result.

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